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Ken Umezaki

Ken Umezaki is an independent investor and business advisor for music startups and artists, through his company Digital Daruma, with a specific focus on artist facing music and media service companies. Digital Daruma has made select direct investments in music artists and songs, and has also co-founded Dot Blockchain Media, a public benefit corporation that has introduced a new music file technology architecture to modernize copyright management and the music supply chain fit for the digital music age. Ken currently is the Chief Business Officer of dotBC. His past experience includes 25 years in financial services trading, asset management and senior management positions. He is also an experienced musician, and currently plays bass in the band Fifth of Bourbon. Lastly, he is involved in a number of music foundations and academic organizations, including serving on the boards of Little Kids Rock, and Future of Music Coalition, as well as advisory board position for programs at New York University and Berklee College of Music.

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